Following the success of last year’s event, Human Factors in Aviation Safety is returning to your skies! Representatives from airlines, air traffic control organizations, consultants and major universities will be taking part, examining a human factors issues in aviation safety for both the military and commercial sectors.

If you want to learn more about the importance of aviation safety, then feel free to join us. We’ll have presentations from industry leaders on developments in protocol, the safety implications of your aircraft leather, and how to accident prevention. If you’re interested in an educational experience, a networking opportunity and a chance to be a part of the aviation safety elite you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

We’ll be finalising the arrangements shortly, so make sure that you’re signed up to our mailing list and stay tuned for more information! The first 100 ticket buyers will be offered a reduced fee and a free gift!

Air Traffic Control

The air traffic control is a very important part of aviation security. It’s a job that requires focus, dedication and a lot of knowledge. It’s a job in which there’s no room for mistakes, so your employees need to be aware and always ‘on’.



Programme Committee


  • Allen has 15 years of experience in the study and practice of Aviation Psychology, providing specialist human factors advice to flight providers. With his additional experience working in safety-critical environments, Allen has a unique specialisation in defense and aviation teams. He has undertaken operational studies that allow him to identify human-related risk. We're very happy to have Allen as part of the team.

    Allen Riley
  • Kyle Harper has degrees in Psychology, Human Factors, and Human Reliability Assessment, and has worked in the nuclear, chemical, petrochemical, marine and air traffic sectors of industry, and lectured at red brick univerisities in Human Factors. He has a lot of experience due to over 15 years of service for the Eurocontrol. Over these many years, he gathered a lot of valuable experience that he is now using to his advantage.

    Kyle Harper
  • After his work as a senior lecturer in the Safety and Accident Investigation Centre at Cranfield University, Travis moved on to us here. His research interests include Human Factors in Flight Operations, Aeronautical Decision-making Training, Cockpit Design, Human Factors Methods, Fatigue/Stress Risk Management, and Accident Investigations. Travis has his own private pilot license. His dedication to his job and love for aviation is admirable.

    Travis Fox

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